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Colony: Extremely Annoying

        Hello everyone and welcome back to the Dark Match! I just want to tell you that if you missed it there is a interview from Gran Akuma just below this blog discussing his match with Johnny Gargano fromJust Shadows in the Fog. Thanks again to Akuma for being so kind and providing his thoughts on the match. Today's blog brings us to the recapping of the second March event, Watchmaker. This show brought us the fallout from the tag title affair, as well as placed Jigsaw in a match where it would be much more difficult to run away from Mr. Quackenbush. There were also a few surprises along the way that made this event quite the gem. In addition to all this was a QWEST showcase match between Eddie Graves and Oliver Grimsley. If you want more from Grimsley you can check out his work from National Pro Wrestling Day on the afternoon card. Now onto the first match from Watchmaker!

The Watchmaker  March 10, 2013

Colony Extreme Force (Soldier Ant, Arctic Rescue Ant, Missile Assault Ant and Orbit Adventure Ant) versus The Batiri (Kodama, Obariyon, Kobald and Ophidian)
        The previous event, Just Shadows in the Fog, was the debut of Soldier Ant's new teammates. Most people were under the impression of the team members would to be chosen by Soldier. That wasn't what came to be. Instead three new ants with quite flamboyant personalities and ring attire were assigned by the Director of Fun to be the new comrades of Soldier. What was witnessed the prior night however, demonstrated that his new ants were far more concerned with themselves than with Soldier. That was no different here. For much of the match Soldier Ant was left in the ring to attempt to defend himself, but the Dark Army would not be merciful simply based off of the incompetence of their opponents. While the Colony Extreme Force proved again that they are capable of triple team maneuverings, they completely disregarded Soldier Ant. These three characters, who look more like action figures than wrestlers, proved that it was their names that counted above all other things. If you have seen the match than you already know how often they say them. Attention seeking from the crowd with one another lead Soldier to be left in the ring with Ophidian and forced to tap out. The sweetness of the win was likely short lived for Ophidian as he was finally confronted by Amasis who did not waste his opportunity to punish the Snake and drove him into the mat. Ophidian attempted to mist Amasis with his venom, but was unsuccessful and chased from the ring.

Jakob Hammermeier versus Hallowicked
        Hallowicked's singles success continued the evening prior, while Tim Donst continued to sabotage Jakob's chances at being Young Lions Cup champion. Jakob still wore his cut up tights, courtesy of Veronica from the night before. Notably, he was also alone at ringside tonight. It doesn't appear that Donst is interested in crossing Hallowicked again. This would also stand as a opportunity for Jakob to take revenge on Hallowicked the wrestler, the man who put Tim into the state that he is in currently. All Jakob simply wants is his trainer and best friend back. The same aggression witnessed during Jakob's match with Gram Akuma the month prior was on exhibition again. But even fueled by his hatred towards the Nightmare Warrior wasn't enough to capture a victory. Hallowicked bested Jakob, but the kid is beginning to stand firmly on his own.

Mr. Touchdown Mark Angelosseti versus assailANT
        assailANT wanted this match to be for the Young Lions Cup, but his age exceeded the twenty-five year limit. It would then stand as a set up match from assailANT who would then go on to challenge Mr. Touchdown in Wrestling is Fun for the Banana Championship. Big Blue put his best antennae forward in this match showcasing his new repertoire of moves; the Rolling GTS and the Chikara Special: Blue. It wasn't Mr. Touchdown's love for cheating that cost him this encounter but instead his constant showboating. He physically could handle assailANT, but ultimately overconfidence caused him to be caught by a big knee and be forced into a submission.

Fire Ant and Mike Quackenbush versus Jigsaw and the Shard
        With nowhere to run how would Jigsaw handle a much more intimate encounter with his mentor and old tag partner? By controlling the pace of the match. In Tampa, Jigsaw could manipulate his encounters with Mike because of his ability to tag out to another team besides Shard. With limited options, Jig decided his best bet would be to focus his attention on Fire Ant. Whenever Mike would get anywhere near the ring, Jigsaw would make sure that he was tossed to the outside. Mike and Fire Ant's game plan seemed pretty simple: hit The Pieces of Hate as quickly as they good from the opening bell. Mike pulled out a Quackendriver III before the match had even hit the one minute mark. Fire Ant, the Shard and Jigsaw have history dating back into last year. It was at Under the Hood that Jigsaw planted Fire Ant with a brainbuster but pulled him from the mat during the pin. As well Fire Ant had his ankle injured at the cruel hands of the Shard. This all came flooding back when Fire Ant dropped Shard with a Beach Breaker. He could have won the match for himself and Mike but instead pulled Shard from the mat. This lead to him being targeted again and forced to tap out. As it stands the dream team of Shard and Jigsaw have in one way or another bested Mike's ramshackle teams every time.

Archibald Peck versus Tim Donst
        This rematch is due to Tim kicking Archie rather blatantly below the belt in February. As is the usual now Tim was accompanied to the ring by his ragtag band of misfits: Jakob and Veronica. There was a rather intense brawl that began outside of the ring and moved around the bleachers and crowd. Once in the ring, the action was quite back and forth. Also, mimicking the events on commentary the previous night, Steve Weiner was enamoured with Veronica. At one point in the match Veronica made her way into the ring to assist Tim. She was accidentally hit by her old partner Archie and collapsed to the mat. Steve rushed to Veronica's aid. Once ensuring that she was okay, he viciously assaulted Archie and thereby had Tim disqualified. It would seem that Tim is collecting a unusual following.

Green Ant, Gran Akuma, Scott Parker, Shane Matthews and Dasher Hatfield versus Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive, Icarus, Johnny Gargano and Sugar Dunkerton
        Originally slated for this match was Saturyne but was replaced by Green Ant when his title shot was moved into May. So many of the participants of this are coming off of singles or tag matches with one or multiple members of the other team. The Devastation Corporation lost to 3.0 and Johnny Gargano lost to Gran Akuma. That would leave Green Ant, Sugar D, Dasher and Icarus to play the wild cards. The woes continued for F.I.S.T as there is a rift between Sugar D and Gargano. It has been proven that Icarus can work together with Chuck Taylor and Sugar. It would almost seem like Sugar and Chuck can maintain the same space without causing too much trouble despite Chuck's often colourful remarks. When Sugar and Johnny get together however, there is no chance of co-habitation. During a attempted dive Johnny actually tripped Sugar. Then later in the match, Sugar accidentally struck Johnny leading to the ultimate loss of their team. If Gargano didn't try and force Sugar to cheat he wouldn't be constantly in the compromising positions he is.

        Well that wraps things up for the month of March. Two very enjoyable shows with bucket loads of action and all sorts of storyline development. I hope you enjoyed the read and I certainly know I enjoy bringing this stuff to you. Next blog with be a 2012 recap! Then I will move onto the Wrestlecon showing from April. All kinds of fun ahead so be sure to tell your friends all about me, give me a follow @MurrayDarkMatch on twitter and remember to keep wrestling fun.

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