Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Welcome to the Dark Match!

So by now you might be wondering, what the heck can I expect from the Dark Match? Well, first and foremost let me say that this IS NOT A REVIEW BLOG. If you want to check out Chikara show reviews there are already tonnes of sites that do that (Hi Chikara Special!). One of the most attractive features of Chikara is the amazing stories that are told in ring. I had no idea so much could be done in a wrestling ring, but  Chikara sure has proven me wrong. The Dark Match is here to serve as a place to come and get caught up on story lines and character analysis. I will be blogging about each show, and how it contributed to the happenings in the Chikaraverse. There will be a rundown of each match, and the story contained  within, and the character development as well. This doesn't mean that I will abstain from mentioning certain action that takes place. Sometimes it will benefit me to discuss certain aspects of the physical wrestling, but it won't be play by play.  A lot happens in Chikaratown as I'm sure the Sheriff Jon Barber will tell you, and I am here to serve it up to you with a neat bow!

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