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The Saddest Donstaroo Around

Tim Donst

         Hello CHIKArmy and welcome back to The Dark Match! Once again it has been far too long in between posts. My darn real life has been getting in my way in the form of mid term exams. However, that can't get me down, because this past weekend was Chikara's 2013 debut weekend. I can tell you that I'm counting the days until Smart Mark video can get those shows rolled out. This post is going to focus on one of the great enigmas of Chikara Pro. While Tim Donst is a sad, conniving and as of late, rather ruthless individual, I can not help but like the guy. If you don't know, he might have the best promos in all of professional wrestling. I guess you could call me a Donstaroo! Lets get into the year that was 2012 for “The Mat Wrestling Machine” Tim Donst.

CHIKARA Debut: Rey de Voladores April 22nd 2007
Affiliations: Team Stranglehold (Drew Gulak, Andy Summers)
                Order of the Neo Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black, Crossbones, Hydra)
                Sea Donsters (Hydra)
                BDK (Jakob Hammermeier, Delirious, Ares, Tursas, Derek Sabato, Claudio Castagnoli, Pinkie Sanchez, Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, Lince Dorado, Dieter VonSteigerwalt)

        Tim's year didn't start out with the resounding pop of New Years fireworks. At The Thirteenth Hat, the debut show, Tim and Jakob started their year against the redbull driven 3.0. This came after Tim walked out on his BDK teammate Ares at the High Noon IPPV. Tim cuts a promo saying that the BDK will be better than ever without Ares. High hopes for a stable that held the CdP belts and dominated Chikara for all of 2010. Tim dreamed of a win to start of his year, but the over zealous Jakob might have cost him his match. The self professed greatest Young Lions Cup Champion of all time slapped his partner back out of the entrance way after Jakob succumbed to the Sweet Taste O' Professionalism.

        February would prove to be a more productive month for Tim. Teaming with Jakob, as well as the Batiri, he was part of two atomicos matches. During the first, in always friendly Reading PA, he faced off against the pre-chikarabarimetrics Wink devised team of 3.0, Eddie Kingston and the “Handicap Hero” Greg Iron. Proving what a dominant physical force he is, Tim choked out Greg with a shoe lace. The greatest Young Lions Cup champ was resorting to cheating and it wasn't even the third show of the season yet. Tim might have had the same ideas for victory the next evening in Long Island, but his match was intervened in by the new invaders, Gekido.
         March brought Chikara into new territory when they hit the border and came to Canada for their first Canadian tour. Tim was slated to challenge Canada's adopted son, El Generico. Generico would be a perfect stepping stone for Tim to prove that he deserved to challenge Hallowicked for the title of greatest Young Lions Cup champion. As he did do Greg, instead of using his raw talents as the Mat Wrestling Machine, Tim choked Generico out with a shoe lace. Rather disappointing end to what was a great match by both competitors. Though not on the next days card in Ottawa, Tim arrived to cause grief to Hallowicked, who was in a match against the mysterious 17 and The Shard. Trying to take his YLC back, Tim crept out to the ring during Wicked's match and stole his cup. He lost it however, when he was chased away by Ultramantis Black and his staff.
        April brought new prospects for Chikara in the form of Synergy, an event collaborated between Chikara and Ring of Honor. Chikara's half of the event was held on the afternoon of the 28th. Tim was finally getting a chance at Hallowicked, not a one on one encounter, but in a atomicos. He couldn't help himself however to wait until after intermission to face Hallowicked. Instead he posed as a masked fan during intermission and assaulted Wicked in the ring. Feeling smug about himself, Tim competed in his atomicos match, believing Hallowicked to be injured. This wasn't the case, and he was chased to the back by his arch rival. With each corner Tim cut by trying to prove himself better than Wicked, he suffered a set back. The next day in a four corners elimination match, Donst was able to gain a little revenge after being embarrassed the day prior. Reverting back to his trusty shoe lace, Donst was able to eliminate Hallowicked and Ultramantis from the match by a very suspicious rear naked choke.
        May came for Chikara, and with it the always enjoyable Aniversario events. On night 1 Tim and Jakob teamed with the Batiri in a cross generational ten man tag match. The victory was scored by the flying posterior of the mighty goblin Kobald. Following his victory over some of Chikara's previous greats, Tim was feeling confident going into the Highline Ballroom to stand across the ring from Hallowicked, and the rest of the Spectral Envoy. The setting was not as intimate as Tim would have wanted, since the Batiri and Gekido were also part of Chikara's first Royal Rhombus match. Again Jakob would disappoint Tim and lose them the match. Tim might have been sour over that fact but there would be something to make him smile in a few days. After raising a petition to regain his Young Lions Cup back from Hallowicked, Wink finally consented. Before How to Hatch a Dinosaur, Wink and a group of his personal cronies went to Hallowicked to take back Tim's cup. Instead of reclaiming the proper cup however, Wink in his brilliance stole Hallowicked's. This only stoked the smoldering ashes that had been building for the inevitable meeting between the two Young Lions Cup greats. Chikarasaurus Rex came, and Tim and Hallowicked prepared themselves for a hair versus mask match. If Tim managed a victory, he would not only regain his Cup but truly be able to call himself the Greatest Young Lion's Cup Champion of all time and Hallowicked would be humiliated in front of the thousands watching at home and in person. After a lengthy, and impressive showing of both challengers physical prowess, Tim went back to the well of dishonestly and pulled out the shoe lace that had choked out Hallowicked months before. Bryce Remsburg dropped Wicked's arm three times, signifying a win for Tim. Sitting Hallowicked onto a steel chair to be unmasked, Tim stood victorious, arm raised. And from under his arm fell the shoe lace! Bryce caught sight of it and restarted the match. Dazed with disbelief, Tim was caught off guard by a flying boot of Hallowicked, and submitted to the Chikara Special. Instead of stealing back his cup and Wicked's mask, Tim was shaven bald.
        After his loss to Hallowicked, Tim was lost. He suffered losses to both Sugar Dunkerton, who made his return to Chikara in Canada, and Sara Del Rey. July was no different for Tim. He was beginning to realize that all of his bravado was for not, and that he wasn't the champ that he envisioned himself to be. If there was one man who still believed in Tim however, it was his self proclaimed BFF, Jakob Hammermeier. Jakob was on his own road to possibly winning the Young Lions Cup, and he needed Tim. Caught up in his own illusions that Hallowicked had come back to life to defeat him at Chikarasaurus Rex, Tim wasn't interested in helping Jakob. In fact, he was out to cause him harm. Tim tried to warn Jakob that the cup could only bring him trouble and pain. Jakob proceeded into his semi-finals match against ACH, believing that he could ascend to the same level as his mentor and BFF Tim. It wouldn't be for Jakob, as Tim cost him the match. Tim wouldn't allow Jakob to suffer the same fate as himself. Heartbreaking as that may have been for Jakob, he still tried to take Tim out for picnics and build back up their strained friendship.
        Without the BDK, Tim and Jakob weren't able to be part of the main King of Trios tournament. Instead, Tim decided to change his focus from moping about Hallowicked, to antagonizing Grand Champion Eddie Kingston. After King had fought and sustained his title against Tadasuke, on night 2, Tim came out to the ring and assaulted Kingston. He called Eddie a monster saying that he was what was wrong with professional wrestling. It was Kingston in 2007 that really initiated Tim into Chikara and it was obvious that he hadn't forgot. On night 3, Jakob and Tim were the first entrants in the ten team tag gauntlet. Their competitors were the always capable Green Ant and Fire Ant. Over the course of the match, Tim showed little regard for Jakob, tossing him out of the ring at several points instead of using tags. Jakob even took a drop kick for Tim. Slowly, Tim was forgetting everything that he once held dear to himself.
        October brought a new, vicious Tim. Still showing complete disregard for Jakob, the tag team was able to gain a point towards tag gold in Piedmont Alabama. Partaking in another tag match the next Sunday afternoon, Jakob accidentally struck Tim. After forcing a submission, not with the use of a shoe lace, Tim punished Jakob by using Eddie's sliding D. It would appear as though changing his obession from Hallowicked to Eddie had rejuvenated Tim's confidence. This confidence in himself and his obsession with Kingston overtook him in this years Cibernetico. Even though Tim and Eddie were on the same 8 man team, Tim took every opportunity to attack Eddie. After Eddie pulled off a surprise pin on Kevin Steen, the match was left to Eddie and Tim. Recently Tim had resorted to having Jakob carry around a mysteriously heavy object. Tim would use this black bag to strike his opponents in the back of the head, stealing victories. The Cibernetico would end no differently, as Tim savagely struck Eddie with the mystery bag. Winning the Cibernetico, even though through ill means, prompted our wise Director of Fun to give Tim his opportunity at Eddie's belt.
        Chikara's season finale came in the form of their third IPPV, Under the Hood. Tim had finally been granted his Grand Championship match against Eddie. The match main evented the stellar IPPV card. Eddie and Tim fought viciously, throwing heavy strikes as well as high impact suplexes and DDT's. Nearing the end of the match, Eddie accidentally nailed Bryce Remsburg with a heavy lariat. While the ref was down Tim took this opportunity to bash Eddie with his new found cheating method, his black bag. His attempt of thievery against the Grand Champ would fail through and he was pinned.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Tim had an up and down year. His confidence soared through out much of 2012, but he had a rather despondent summer. I foresee a big 2013 for Tim, especially being granted another Grand Championship shot. As always, tell your friends about The Dark Match, and follow me on twitter @MurrayDarkMatch. Until next time CHIKArmy, I shall wait for Smartmarkvideo to bring out the 2013 debut weekend! So exciting!

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