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The Bird is the Word

         Hello, hello, hello my CHIKArmy friends it is fabulous to be back! It has been quite the past couple of weeks with February debut shows coming out. As I said last time, I will be recapping current story lines before I continue my work on 2012. I will finish 2012 however, I still want this blog to be a complete story compendium. It is important to keep the blog updated with prior shows for anyone who will be attending a current one, so my intent is to have blogs up before the next set of shows. This then will be supplemented with last years history. If all goes well everything should be cleaned up soon! Back to our true intent of the day, the February shows! I was so happy that Smart Mark Video got these  shows out. I was in a real need for my Chikara fix. So unlike my previous work, these blogs will be broken down match by match instead of as one massive text column. So without further adieu, let us break into 2013! First up was the fantastic event...

All the Agents and the Superhuman Crew  February 9, 2013

deviANT and Soldier Ant vs Fire Ant and assailANT
        DeviANT is still pretty impressed with himself for pinning assailANT last year at the finale event. He tells Soldier that if he listens, good things will come to the team. Someone aught to remind him that it was a Shard double stomp that put assailANT out, not a maneuver of his own. Soldier still isn't having any of this and tells him “Enough” and walks away. This is literally the only word I have heard him use that wasn't “Sir yes sir” or “Sir no Sir.” Unlike the odd Swarm pairing, Fire Ant and assailANT are getting along much better. There doesn't seem to be any animosity between the two and they're working well together. This didn't stop there from being a lot of tension in the match. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant still refuse to face each other. At one point they sat back to back in the centre of the ring in protest of the match. At certain points, when they did choose to engage with each other in the ring, they still worked like a tandem against their opponents. Finally Soldier became upset with deviANT who kept attempting to steal the win from him and put on his coat and left. Fire and assailANT put deviANT away with a Colony classic Ants Go Marching. Bryce was right, it as a good thing Soldier didn't see it. It's obvious Fire Ant hasn't moved on yet, he still remembers his old tag partner. He does accept assailANT though, and that will continue to cause tension.

Dasher Hatfield vs Delirious
        This match was over before Dasher or Delirious were able to get their full ring attire off! Dasher was still wearing his jersey when he scored a quick roll-up victory. Delirious is obviously distracted by his loss from last year, and his focus isn't on anyone else other than Ultramantis. Delirious' embarrassment caused him and Kobald, who joined him post match, to assault Dasher, finally being sent to the back. If he wants to win matches he is going to have to move past Ultramantis. Another fun note, this was the first time I can remember Dasher bringing his bat to ringside.

The Batiri (Kodama and Obariyon) vs Los Ice Creams (Ice Cream Jr and El Hijo del Ice Cream)
        Pure comedy enjoyment at its finest between these two teams aided by Kobald sticking around to do commentary. Something most people don't give the Batiri credit for is their comedy matches. These guys are more than blood thirst demons from the underworld, they've got a sense of humour too. Both sides showed off some new offence, proving their interest in gaining three points towards title contention. The Batiri picked up the win, but it easily could have gone to the cool duo of cones.

Ophidian vs Frightmare
        Ophidian is a man haunted by his past. Amasis revealing himself at Under the Hood has clearly rattled his old teammate. Ophidian spends his entrance screaming at fans, claiming that Amasis is dead and that he isn't crazy. He goes as far as to try and tear masks off of good paying CHIKArmy members, trying to prove that Amasis wasn't underneath. Once Ophidian stopped harassing fans and entered the ring to face Frightmare they had a very competitive and athletic contest. Ophidian lost however after being distracted by someone by the ring entrance. He starred and shook like he had seen a ghost. It would seem that Ophidian is starting to regret his decision to blast Amasis in the face with his poisonous mist.

Gekido (Jigsaw and Shard) vs F.I.S.T (Icarus and Sugar Dunkerton)
        Here we have a showdown between two relatively new teams. Jigsaw and Shard are choosing to team together, Jigsaw believing that the Shard needs his guidance. On the other side of the ring stood two men who are being forced to work together, but that doesn't stop Icarus from trying to work things out with Sugar. I know, I'm as shocked as you are. Icarus is taking his wrestling career more seriously as of late, explaining to Sugar that he hasn't been spending his time fooling around, but attending a clinic held by Marty Jannetty. Icarus seems to want to take his tag situation seriously. It isn't that strange since he has held the belts and knows what it takes to hold onto them. Jigsaw and the Shard too have been spending their off season training. Their moves are crisp and they work tags like a team who have been working together for years. JigShard worked together succinctly the entire match, but there were spots of glimmer for Sugar and Icarus. It would almost appear that they could have won the contest. That was until Icarus left Sugar to take a beating at the hands of JigShard. Icarus was trying to teach Sugar a lesson, to stop fooling around and wrestle. It will be interesting moving on to see if Sugar stops dancing, if Icarus will willingly tag with him. Jigsaw and the Shard took the victory and their first point. They are a dangerous team, who in a short time have gained a working knowledge of each other other tag teams have spent years developing.

Green Ant vs Eddie Kingston
        Green Ant is insulted that everyone would think that he would die and get pummelled by the Grand Champion. He isn't looking for any sympathy or pity, he just wants to prove that he is worthy of a title shot. From what he showed in this match, he fully well could deserve one. Green Ant wrestled a smart contest, he knows about Eddie's knee and focus on that area. It helps when you are a submission specialist like he is to be able to work over body parts. That being said, Eddie proved why his has held the champion's belt for well over a year. Eddie used his raw power to utilize a wide variety of suplexes and strikes to combat Green Ants submission techniques. At one point of the match Kevin Steen, who was to be Eddie's opponent the next night, came out for some pre-match antagonism. Caught in the cross fire was Wink Vavassuer, the Director of Fun. Eddie accidentally struck Wink while attempting to assault Steen. Wink's ire towards Eddie was already great, and his accidental attack only fuelled the hate. After the match Wink told Eddie he would be defending his title the next night against Steen, a match originally scheduled to be a non-title contest. Green Ant showed a lot of heart in the match and a lot of cunning. His improvements have been great and if he continues to mature as a wrestler there will be nothing stopping him from becoming a light weight power house fusion.

Kevin Steen and the Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson vs 3.0 (Scott Parker and Shane Matthews) and Gran Akuma
        This match would serve as a prelude to the two title contests to be contended the next afternoon. The anticipation for the next day would build, as neither the Young Bucks or 3.0 spent much time in the ring interacting. Instead the majority of the match was spent by the rudo squad working over Gran Akuma. I don't want to admit it, but the Wink select trio of 3.0 and Gran Akuma have began working as a efficient unit. Since Steen and the Bucks don't regularly tag, they were not using triple team offense the way 3.0 and Akuma did. The moments when 3.0 were in the ring with the Bucks were mainly dominated by the Chikara favorites, 3.0.

Chuck Taylor vs Hallowicked
        While there isn't a known feud between F.I.S.T and the Spectral Envoy there was a sense of a grudge match between these two, likely because of the loss F.I.S.T took at the hands of the Envoy in the semi finals of King of Trios 2012. Since the introduction of the Grand Championship belt singles matches of this variety help gauge the next contender for Eddie. Both of these men fought hard and utilized striking and throw offences to try and gain the win. Go back as far as the 12 Large Summit, it was evident that Hallowicked was a strong singles competitor. He continued to prove this advancing passed Chuck. As a side note, this match also featured a much more serious version of Taylor, which is a pleasure to see.

Tim Donst Promo
        Really have to appreciate the dig Gavin takes at Donst before he steals the microphone. Donst is clearly still upset about losing to Eddie in the main event of Under the Hood. He doesn't believe that wrestling is cool, fun or an art, just pain. Tim still believes that he could be the salvation of Chikara Pro, but people don't seem to get it. Jakob thinks he understands Tim though, and he still says he wants to be just like his BFF. Donst asks if he really wants to be like him, and Jakob answers yes. Tim took out a pair of scissors and cut Jakob's beautiful hair as Hammermeier begged him to stop! This was honestly uncomfortable to watch, more uncomfortable than Mr. Touchdown belly flopping on Sapphire. Donst destroyed Jakob here.

“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti vs Archibald Peck
        This match is the culmination of everything terrible that Mr. Touchdown has ever done to Archie. Mark stole his girlfriend, his career and killed his best friend, Sapphire and Archie finally had his revenge here. Archie apparently doesn't blame Mark for taking Veronica from him, but he does call him out for being a bully and a coward. This match featured all of the different personas that Archie has been over the last year; Peck, Mixed Martial Archie and the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger.  Now it would have appeared a few months ago that things between Mr. T and Veronica were on slippery slopes because of Archie dumping the slop of her, but she still came out with her current boyfriend. Since the match was a non-disqualification bout, both men at different points used items that suit their particular character. Archie brought a marching drum with him to ringside, which he would later use to club Mr. T and at one point Mr. Touchdown hit a shoulder tackle while wearing shoulder pads. Despicably, Touchdown even attempted to use a fake pigeon to attack Archie. That was until the real and NOT dead Sapphire was brought to the ring by a very professional looking male nurse. Nobody could believe it, especially Mr. Touchdown. Man and bird united again and Mr. Touchdown would suffer their tandem offence. In the end we were able to see Archie reclaim some of his lost dignity and his best friend. At this point it would be unclear what Veronica, who had been accidentally speared by her boyfriend during the course of the match, would do after Mark's loss.

        This was a fantastic debut event! So many great stories were revisited as well as new ones beginning to develop. My next blog will cover the story progression from the next day, While the Dawn is Breaking. It will be after that in which I will go back to 2012 and recap the year for Jigsaw and Mike Quackenbush. Until then I hope you are enjoying your March, remember to visit me on twitter @MurrayDarkMatch, and spread the word to your friends. Until next time CHIKArmy!

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