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The Promise Land


        Welcome back to the Dark Match for your second dose of Chikara's February 2013 debut weekend. If you look directly below there will be a recap of the first show from this weekend. Coming into day two, there are two very important matches featuring defenses of the Grand Championship and the Campeonatos de Parejas. As well, Mr. Touchdown was defending his Young Lions Cup. It was a day full of action and so many matches had title implications on the line. Lets jump right into the fun that was Chikara's second show from season 12... 

While the Dawn is Breaking  February 10, 2013

“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti vs Saturyne
        Mark had competed the night previous, losing to Archibald Peck, but this was Saturyne's first chance in a Chikara ring in 2013. This match proved the amazing improvements she has been making over the past several months. It is clear her time spent in Wrestling is Fun is paying dividends right now. Saturyne showed her tenacity, taking the fight to Mr. Touchdown for a majority of the match. She debuted a few new moves, including a mighty powerful axe kick. Mark's main offense came from his obvious size and strength advantage. Saturyne showed her grit and even kicked out of a vicious elevated spine buster. Another interesting note is that Veronica was nowhere to be seen. After watching her boyfriend lose, and spear her into the turnbuckle, it didn't appear she was very interested anymore. Mark won the match cleanly, simply proving to be too much of a challenge for the fledgling Saturyne. There will be a rematch, and when it comes we will probably be looking at our first Lioness.

Gran Akuma vs Jakob Hammermeier
        It was still hard to look at poor Jakob after Donst cut off his hair. He was also still wearing the cut up shirt from the previous day. Jakob looked tortured and rightfully so. I can only imagine how long this verbal, physical and psychological abuse can continue from Tim before Jakob snaps. Gran Akuma was in a particularly good mood, he clapped along with the fans and even partook in the “wrestling!” chants. I guess time spent with 3.0 after gaining his contract has lightened his heart. Jakob showed some real fortitude in this match. He became frustrated after receiving chest kicks and almost knocked Akuma out with a wild punch. There was a real fire in Jakob's eye during the match as he picked up the upset victory. His days of being kicked like a pound puppy are coming to a close. We could see a real blitzkrieg from him soon.

Wink Promo
        Wink comes out to address a problem that has persisted in Chikara since last summer: Soldier Ant's insubordination. Out of all the Ants, Soldier is the one who has come out with the lowest standing since Wink mixed up the Colony and Swarm. Wink came out to let Soldier Ant know that when Chikara makes their debut in Florida that he would be captaining his own team.

Tim Donst vs Archibald Peck
        Archie is coming off his monumental victory over Mr. Touchdown from the previous evening. Jakob still accompanies Donst out to the ring, even after being emotionally and literally cut down. Even though Tim clearly despises the praises that Jakob gives him, he doesn't mind having his help when it comes to winning matches. Speaking of low people, it didn't take long until Veronica made her way out to ringside. The temptress sure isn't very subtle about her ways, Archie is back on top and that is where she wants to be. She might think twice about being near the ring because she ended up taking a stiff elbow from Donst, albeit a accidental one. Jakob found it to be rather hilarious, probably because Tim hurt someone who wasn't him. After punting Peck between the legs and giving him the DQ win, Tim decides to lecture Archie about his poor character and how sweet and beautiful Veronica is. In a strange move Donst actually leaves with Veronica. Again, Tim's actions alienate Jakob.

The Colony (Fire Ant, Green Ant, assailANT) vs F.I.S.T (Sugar Dunkerton, Icarus, Chuck Taylor)
        If you are assailANT, your life is pretty great right now fitting into the Colony. If you happen to be Sugar Dunkerton on the other hand...not so much. It would appear that every member of Colony Classic sans Soldier Ant, for good reason, has accepted assailANT. Again, there are moments in this match where you would think that Sugar is part of F.I.S.T. There is almost a dynamic that has grown between Icarus and Sugar. Almost. They still can't seem to agree on the proper mentality to enter a match with but once the action begins, Icarus seems to get caught up in everything and works rather well with Sugar. This can be seen when they hit a assisted shiranui and elbow drop combination. Icarus and Taylor obviously continue to be the great partners they have been for years. The Colony also show signs of improved trust in assailANT. They no longer need to invite him into the triple team drop kick, it just happens. Also, Green Ant who hasn't been regularly tagging with assailANT like Fire Ant has, is showing signs of fluidity with him. To top it all off assailANT, ended up having quite the surprise for Sugar Dunkerton to end the match. I won't spoil it for you, you'll have to watch to see.
        Post match Sugar Dunkerton gets a hold of a microphone and he has a few words for Mr. Dasher Hatfield who was on commentary. He starts off by mentioning that he started off in Easton with his friend Dasher. Sugar says that Dasher owes him after all of the feuds that they survived together. He's put on a smile while in F.I.S.T but things are starting to fall through. Now it has been no secret that Sugar doesn't like Mr. Touchdown, the man who took his spot in the Throwbacks. However, Dasher wasn't going to let him run his family member into the ground. Dasher left Sugar standing in the ring, and was not going to be making any apologies.

Dasher Hatfield vs Kobald
        After having words with Sugar in the ring moments before this match Dasher was in a foul mood. I'd also like to point out that Dasher had stopped bringing his bat to the ring, but it was present again with him tonight. Kobald was ordered to come out in this match and avenge his overlord Delirious, who lost to Dasher the previous night in Reading. Dasher showed a heightened amount of aggression in the match. This isn't the type of aggression where he wanted to release his anger after falling out with Sugar, he was almost toying with and torturing Kobald. At one point Dasher was bouncing Kobald's head off a turnbuckle. Not a very Dasher like manoeuvre. Delirious came out to the ring part way through the match, but was shaken off the apron by Dasher. After skulking around the ring and biding his time, he helped Kobald pick up the victory. After pinning Dasher, Kobald leaped into Delirious' arms. It was rather father and son reminiscent. Sugar came back out to help Dasher after his loss, but he ended up on his rear end. Dasher doesn't seem to want to settle his Sugar issues publicly, but somehow I can't see it going any other way.

Gekido (Jigsaw, Shard & deviANT) vs Team Frightening (Mike Quackenbush, Frightmare & Hallowicked)
        Mike seems to have finally realized the error of his actions from the previous season. In a prematch promo he admits that he lost himself last year and that means that he has lost many things that were dear to him. Unfortunately for the Gekido, the master of a thousand holds has not lost his temper. As the match started off deviANT was showcasing some of his fine striking. At the Geikdo's genesis last season their purpose was to duplicate the Colony and their movesets. As they have moved forward, assailANT has developed the most personality of his own. Now deviANT is beginning to join his ex-Gekido member in emerging with his own talents and abilities. There was still a lot of sentimentality and hesitation from Mike to Jigsaw. The Master of a Thousand Holds still seems to believe that there are remnants of good left in Jig. It wouldn't appear as such, Jigsaw almost didn't take the match seriously. He often times was toying with his opponent in the ring, mocking and ridiculing them. Both factions worked well together, but the Gekido side proved that they are growing ever closer together under the tutelage of Jigsaw. Shard and Jigsaw along with deviANT picked up the win over Team Frightning and continue on their path towards supremacy as the “dream team.”

Eddie Kingston vs Kevin Steen
        Gavin wasn't even able to get his announcements off before Eddie and Steen came brawling out from the back. This match was different from the others that they have shared previously in Chikara. Steen has focused less on his matches and more on the antagonism of Chikara and the morals that it has stood for. Eddie has played more the role of the hero defending his company and the beliefs on which it was founded. Neither man was in this particular role this evening. Kevin wrestled a much smarter match, focusing on the knee of Eddie and looking for a technical victory instead of one based simply off brute strength. After so many back and forth moments between these two about the company, it was refreshing for the match to go in this direction. Wink came out part way through the match to watch the events unfold live in front of his eyes. After a brutal contest, our Grand Champ retained and Wink seemed a little less than pleased. I can only imagine the cruelty that Wink has planned for Eddie now. Green Ant came out after the match and asked Eddie for a title shot based off his win the prior night. Eddie agreed and set the date for the next set of shows in Florida.

Ophidian Promo
        Ophidian comes out to the ring to rant that he isn't crazy and is wise to the plans of Amasis. He says that he can summon Amasis to the ring and will do so. His methods were a little less mystical than expected as he proceeded to attack fans with Amasis masks until the true Amasis revealed himself in the ring. Amasis taunted Ophidian enraging him further until Delirious and Kobald came out and dragged Ophidian into the back avoiding a confrontation.

3.0 (Scott Parker and Shane Matthews) vs The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)
        Scott and Shane understand that it is a rare opportunity to attempt to return to the Promise Land twice. They have beaten both of their rivals, the Bravado Brothers and F.I.S.T, on their way back to earning a tag opportunity. The typically fun loving and easy going duo, who have teamed together for ten years, were beyond serious about this match . Matt and Nick are the constant professionals and ambassadors for tag team wrestling and they are never interested in losing matches. Much like the last bout, there was little shenanigans to be had in this match. Both teams fought hard the first two falls and each team gained one pin. The third and final fall was the longest of the three and the hardest fought. During the third fall, the technico locker room came out to ringside, lead by Gran Akuma, to cheer on 3.0. After dealing their second Sweet Taste O' Professionalism to the Bucks, the entire building thought that Bryce counted three. This was not the fact, and was evident when watching the MP4 version. This mistake only fired 3.0 up more and lead them to a very emotional submission victory. The eccentric Canadian duo brought the gold back home to Chikara and became only the second tag team to hold the belts twice.

        This was such a fun show with so much action and drama. Chikara really outdid themselves this year with two awesome shows to kick off the year. I have only heard good things about the Florida weekend and I anticipate the release of those MP4s greatly. Thanks as always for reading The Dark Match, it is always my pleasure to bring you guys my best. Never forget to tell your friends about me and send them here if they need to catch up on their Chikara! Follow me on twitter @MurrayDarkMatch and let me know how you think I am doing. Until next time, taker easy out there CHIKArmy!

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