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New Age Rockers

Welcome back to The Dark Match my friends! I hope everyone had a safe holiday, and a exciting New Years Eve. I listen to a lot of complaining about wrestling, I mean a lot. Most of my friends are ignorant to the joys of independent wrestling. They say to me, “What has happened to the tag division in the WWE...” Well, I don't really have much of an answer on that subject, because I don't rightfully know. All I tell them is, there is a place on this Earth where the tag division gets more respect than anywhere else ever has. I remind them that there are alternatives to main stream professional wrestling. The place I speak of is obviously my true love, Chikaratown. Chikara has a beautiful tag division, spiced up by the need to gain three points before challenging for the belts. The current holders of the Campeonatos de Parejas are Matt and Nick Jackson, the Young Bucks.

The Young Bucks

 CHIKARA Debut: March 27, 2009 (KOT 2009 as part of Team PWG with El Generico)

         The Young Bucks are no strangers to Chikara. They have been company regulars since their debut at King of Trios 2009. In fact, the Young Bucks wrestled in Chikara thirteen times in 2012, more than they wrestled in any other promotion. These rock and roll wild childs have been dominating tag team wrestling since they began their in ring careers back in 2004. Over confident, cocky and narcissistic, the Jackson brothers have proven that they deserve to hold any belt, in any company. The Young Bucks closed out their time with Chikara in 2011 by falling to Fire Ant and Soldier Ant at the IPPV debut High Noon. After suffering this defeat at the hands of The Colony, the boys from sunny California took some time away from Chikara.
        The YB made their return in April of 2012 at the merger event between Chikara and Ring of Honor, Hot Off the Griddle. The brothers took on the “Anarchist” Arik Cannon and Darin Corbin. While Cannon proved his nimble ability, and Corbin showed his ability to adapt to in ring adversity, the Minnesota tandem fell to the Young Bucks. The next evening, at Chikara's debut event in Lafayette, the brother team joined a Chikara hallmark 4-way tag team elimination match. These types of matches can earn a team the necessary three points to challenge for tag gold, or send teams holding two points back to the starting gate. This particular event saw the Bucks standing across from the formidable Ultramantis Black and Hallowicked, Tim Donst and Jakob Hammermeier and Kodama and Kobald of The Batiri. All seasoned members of the Chikara roster and each team looking to begin the crawl up the tag ladder. Luck was in the corner of the Young Bucks however, and they didn't lose their point earned from the prior evening. In fact, pinning both Kodama and Jakob earned the Bucks two more points. With their win at Chicago Ridge, coupled with the two points earned from the elimination match, the Young Bucks were ready for their first chance at the CdP with three points.
        Chikara returned to the world stage at Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur, their second IPPV. Coming off their win over Scott Parker and Shane Matthews, F.I.S.T were prepared to make their first title defense as the only two time reigning CdP. In front of the hundreds in attendance, and thousands at home, these two tag team specialists squared off in a memorable main event. Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor took the boys from the south to their limits. Pulling out tandem offense on both sides, neither team looked as though they were going to give any less than their lives. After splitting the first two falls, the Bucks set up their tag team masterpiece, More Bang for your Buck. F.I.S.T lost the third fall of the match, and as quickly as they had gained the belts, dropped them to Matt and Nick. The Bucks promised that now the CdP would gain credibility in their hands.
        Chikara would not have to wait long to see the Bucks tested, as they squared off against the troubled Throwbacks, Dasher Hatfield and Mr. Touchdown Mark Angelosetti. The Throwbacks had gained three points towards title contention, but Dasher and Mr. TD hadn't been seeings eye to eye, or helmet to helmet as it would be. The newly reforming Mr. Touchdown was stressing team work that night, and he and Dasher would need it if they intended to strip the newly crowned kings of the CdP. Giving the good college try, the Throwbacks threw, ran, vaulted and slid everything into the path of the Young Bucks that they could. After a Grandslam and Bo Jackson it would appear as though the Throwbacks were in a position to take the belts. It was not to be however, and in the third fall of the match Matt and Nick did what they do so well, and defeated Dasher and Mr. Touchdown.
        The Young Bucks would go on hiatus from Chikara for a few months, allowing teams to gather up the necessary nectar, three points. The boys made their return not to defend their titles, but to compete in the largest tournament around, King of Trios 2012. They brought along with them Mike Bennett, an equally narcissistic gentlemen from the ranks of Ring of Honor. Bennett's size and power complimented Matt and Nick's high flying ability. In the first two rounds of the tournament, team Ring of Honor were faced by two trios of great wrestling experience. First the Powers of Pain were soothed by the Bucks quickness, and then the Extreme Trio were rated PG by More Bang for Your Buck. It was in the semi-final round of the tournament that team Ring of Honor were truly tested. On night 3, team Sendai Girls brought the Bucks and Bennett a beating they won't soon forget. The fan favourites fought with a puro spirit that can always be admired. With some outside interference by Bennett's girlfriend Maria Kanellis, team Ring of Honor were able to tame the wild girls from the East.
        Reaching the finals is no easy task for any trio. Matt, Nick and Mike had done so with relative ease. The trio they were about to face, had not. The Spectral Envoy joined team Ring of  Honor in the finals of King of Trios 2012. This clash would prove to be foreshadowing for the coming conflict between the Bucks and Envoy for the CdP. Again, Maria attempted some outside interference, but received a super-kick for her troubles. The Spectral Envoy came out on top, and crumpled the Ring of Honor representatives. After taking October to sooth their wounds, the Young Bucks met Ultramantis Black and Hallowicked for the CdP. This would make the second time the Spectral Envoy would challenge for the belts in 2012. Though the champs were different, they were the only team to earn two separate title shots. Ridiculing the Envoy and calling them the “Special Envoy,” the Bucks seemed confident going into their second title defense. Being no strangers to each other, due to their meeting at KOT, both teams snatched up a fall a piece. While the fight was fair for Matt and Nick, the Batiri were lurking outside the ring. After causing their usual havoc, the Batiri aided the Young Bucks in retaining their belts.
        The final two matches of the Bucks year came at two large events. Matt and Nick were part of Team Steen at the 2012 Torneo Cibernetico. Both were eliminated late from the match by Scott Parker and Shane Matthews of 3.0. It was then on to December 2nd, at the second IPPV of the year, where they made their third defense against the 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty. Jannetty is a man from the Young Bucks past, and his plan was to put the boys back in their places. However, his intentions went the same place so many others do, and the veterans of high flying fell to the Bucks. After three successful title defenses against three strong pairings, the Young Bucks exited 2012 looking poised to defeat any challengers.

       This brings us to the end of another chapter of The Dark Match. Next I bring you 2012 history of one Mr. Touchdown, Mark Angelosetti. Take time to vote below for who YOU want me to cover after Mr. Touchdown. Don't forget to follow me on twitter @MurrayDarkMatch, and always pass on the good word of The Dark Match. Until next time, I'm going to rewatch Under the Hood for about the tenth time.

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